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Who we are

Airbus Group is a global leader in the aerospace and defence business, delivering competitive, integrated solutions to its customers. Airbus Group Innovations (AGI) are the corporate research centres of Airbus Group, with sites in Germany, France, Spain, Singapore and Russia and provide worldclass capabilities in aeronautics, defence and space research topics. Consistent with the Airbus Group research & technology strategy and covering the skills and technology fields that are of critical importance to the Airbus Group of companies, Airbus Group Innovations are organized in seven trans-national Technical Capability Centres: Composites Technologies - Metallic Technologies & Surface Engineering – Structures Engineering, Production & Aeromechanics - Sensors, Electronics and Systems Integration - Engineering, Physics, IT, Security Services & Simulation - Energy and Propulsion - Design and Concepts.

What we do in FUCAM

Airbus Group Innovations will act as the Coordinator (Technical and Financial/Administrative) of the project. The coordinating organization will provide sufficient resources to efficiently manage this project. AGI will be the interface between the Consortium partners and the European Commission. In agreement with the EC, he will also act as Focal Point towards the METI. AGI is responsible for the overall Project Management carried out in WP1.
Furthermore, Airbus Group Innovations with its Design Studio Munich is tasked to do the Upstream research, Concept development and Design innovation in “WP3 Concept Definition”. Especially, AGI will define initial concept proposals and design drivers on cabin space architectures and advanced on-board systems. Later, in Design phase 2, AGI will further develop and elaborate the concept(s) and do the industrial design, i.e. do a formal implementation of selected concepts.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 690674.

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