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Who we are

AIRBUS Operations GmbH is the German part of the European company Airbus Group, which is the major aerospace company in Europe. The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of advanced high performance commercial transport aircraft and is recognized for its technological expertise in nearly all fields of aeronautical engineering. R&D capabilities of AIRBUS Operations GmbH cover all aspects of aircraft design: aerodynamics, aeroelastics, structures, weights, performances, operating costs, environmental aspects, airframe and systems development and integration.
Within the Airbus Group, Airbus Operations GmbH is particularly responsible for the development and the production of the major part of the fuselage including systems and passenger cabin, the vertical fin, the equipment of the wings and the final assembly of narrow-body aircraft (A318, A319, A321) and partly of the A380 and A350-XWB. The company’s workforce currently amounts to approx. 21.000, roughly half of it working in the Airbus Operations GmbH headquarter in Hamburg.
What we do in FUCAM
Information about the role of Airbus Operations GmbH in FUCAM will be updated shortly.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 690674.

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