Cabin concepts

Business Seat Concept
Specially designed business class seats derived from Japanese living room chairs. These seats have a lower relax seat position with a large meal and cocktail table that enables simultaneous multiple activities with a sense of quality and privacy. Passenger can work, eat, relax or take a nap thanks to the interchangeable hard and soft seat cushions.
The seat is optimized for short - mid haul flights and can be fitted to wide and narrow body aircrafts without modifications.
Super Economy Seat Concept
Versatile compact and light-weight bench style seat that can be used by single passengers, families or provide comfort to people of stature. This wider middle seat, with a small storage space for personal belongings, may be occupied by three adult persons or two persons of size or even a family with two children. This concept provides increased seat pitch with measures to prevent decreasing the level of comfort. In terms of aircraft integration, the standard interfaces will be usable and there is no need of a specific redesign.
Airlounge - Lower Deck Experience
The Airlounge Concept comprises a fixed installation on lower deck with male/female lavatories, seating possibilities and possibly vending machines that can be combined with additional container modules to increase the passenger capacity of the lounge area and provide catering and experience features for retail, relax, work, or gaming. The ‘Airlounge’ can be offered e.g. to economy class passengers that will be located around the stairs for easy access - defining an economy+ class.
Immersive Retail Experience
The Retail Module is offered to facilitate on-board brand engagement and shopping. It offers the opportunity to connect with the brand through an immersive experience as well as browse and pre-order from a vast selection of goods and services to be delivered at the destination airport, or elsewhere during one's further trip. Retail Module facilitates added benefits from co-branding between the airline and a particular goods supplier, allowing the creation of direct revenues from a larger amount of ancillary revenues.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 690674.

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