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Who we are

Aalto University (AALTO) is a multidisciplinary University formally launched in 2010 as a full merger of three leading Universities in their fields in Finland: The Helsinki School of Economics, The University of Art and Design Helsinki, and Helsinki University of Technology. Aalto has 6 schools with altogether 20 000 students and 5 000 employees, nearly 400 of which are professors. Aalto University is a leader in renewing education to support innovation and its impact on society and the world at large. The university was created explicitly for this purpose by merging science and technology, design and art, with business and economics. This merger enables Aalto to pursue innovative research areas and - in particular - design. Design and its impact on humans, wellbeing, and beyond, has been raised as a central part of the new University Strategy.

Aalto Design Factory is an experimental co-creation platform for education, research and application of product design & development. As one of the spearhead projects of Aalto University, ADF encourages and enables fruitful interaction between students, researchers, and professional practitioners. The ADF community consists of researchers, students and staff from different schools of Aalto University, entrepreneurs and company representatives. The research community at ADF is very multidisciplinary, including researchers from the fields of engineering, design, psychology, pedagogy, and business.

ADF is a part of the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN), a network of innovation hubs in universities and research organizations on five continents of the world, e.g. in Chile, China, Australia, Korea, Europe and the U.S. Shared understanding and common ways of working enable Design Factories in the network to collaborate efficiently across cultures, time zones and organizational boundaries fostering radical innovations. This network now has years of history of teaching and practicing design thinking both with partners in each local region as well as collaboratively across the different design factories.

What we do in FUCAM

In FUCAM, Aalto University leads WP2 - Customer Trends & User Requirements where the objective is to capture societal current facts, future trends and user needs in Asia (Japan, Pacific, China) and translate them into cabin requirements as input for concept development. In WP2 execution, Aalto will have a specific focus on qualitative passenger and other stakeholder perspectives. Furthermore, WP2 will gather customer feedback (airlines and passenger) on the initial concept(s) for further detailing, and do a final concept validation from user perspective. In addition, AU will take part in WP3 - Concept Definition. AU will contribute to WP3 by supporting and facilitating the concept development work of European-Japanese teams through organizing workshops and providing methods and tools for the concept creation and evaluation work.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 690674.

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